Cool Links

darkfable Dark Fable Miniatures is run by Dr Mike, a long time friend who is the concept artist for Dragon Bait. His Egyptian style fantasy range is very cool and worth the trip.

100_3072 Four A Miniatures is a cool little company with quite a unique spread of lead. Their two headed turtle by Kev Adams is worth the trip itself!

download Tim Lison is a Golden Demon Award winning painter who has generously painted the majority of minis for Dragon Bait in the gallery.  Heres a site with some of his incredible work.

Dwarf-cossack-mounted-and-on-foot-b Dave Soderquist  does a lot of great sculpting for DB but is also owner of Bronze Age Miniatures. The Dwarf from Dwarf set 6 is just angry. He also comes mounted on a pony!