My name is Joe Corsaro and for over thirty five years I have been collecting miniatures and playing role-playing games. I have always been a huge fan of the old-style fantasy miniatures, especially the Dungeon Dweller range produced by Heritage Models during the late 1970’s. Dragon Bait Miniatures is a labor of love and gives me the opportunity to design and produce 28mm miniatures that I like and to share them with other avid gamers as well.

This adventure could never have started without my loving wife who supported me on this project. My old friend, Dr Mike Burns, was also a great help with the concept art and by prodding me forward when common sense desperately tried to hold me back.

I also want to thank the incredibly talented team of sculptors who have turned my ideas into reality, such as the legendary Kev Adams, who never hesitated to help a little company like mine get off the ground. Not to mention Dave Soderquist and Tim Prow, who have produced some truly awesome miniatures for Dragon Bait, which will be released in our upcoming Indiegogo campaign.  I am pretty excited about the coming year.

Our mission at Dragon Bait is to bring you exciting, high quality 28mm miniatures at a price we can both afford in a timely manner.  Thanks again for giving them a look.

Joe Corsaro